Yunxia Jia

2017 Graduate

Awarded in 2015: Yunxia Jia is a visual development artist and has now earned her MFA degree from Digipen Institute of Technology. She adds this to the BA degree she earned previously from Bard College at New York in Mathematics and Studio Art, with the full College Distinguished Science Scholarship. She also exchanged in Kyoto Seika University, Japan, in Design and Illustration. Besides her primary interest in visual art, her professional experiences in dance and choreography equip her with a diverse asset base. Her prize-winning choreography, based on her own cultural aesthetic studies, is another process that she digests, produces and conveys.

Rooted in her eastern art background, she cares a lot about styles of form. Combining with western principles of light and color, she wants to create something both visually and mentally appealing to trick people into a fictional reality. She is very grateful for the opportunity given by the Robert B. McMillen Foundation which enabled her to devote all of her energy to her dream and having the resource and the environment to further her educational experiences. With the professional muscles she builds, as well as the belief she strengthens in the art chaos, she is willing to walk her own path which balances her art faith and market needs. Together with teammates, she can create, share and spread positive energy among people.

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