Trang “Sushie” Ta

Awarded 2019

Trang “Sushie” Ta was born in Houston, Texas and was raised in Gilbert, Arizona. After receiving her BFA in painting from Arizona State University, she set her roots in the Pacific Northwest, and is currently pursuing her MFA in Digital Arts at Digipen: Institute of Technology in Redmond.

Sushie has always been intrigued by art’s ability to connect people from different backgrounds and reflects this by combining her love of art-making with other humanitarian pursuits such as philosophy and anthropology. The first generation born in the US to two Vietnamese refugees, Sushie creates work is especially concerned with cultural identities and experiences. Her aim is to reflect and celebrate the things we share as well as the things in which we differ.

Upon graduation, Sushie hopes to find her place in the gaming industry as a character or environment modeler. With support from the Robert B. McMillen Foundation, she hopes to share her unique perspective to the innately narrative platform and be part of the medium that inspired her from a young age.

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