Alisa Dickinson

2011 Graduate

Awarded in 2007: Alisa Dickinson is currently a Senior Product Designer at Evolus, contributing to the development of Evolus’ Design System and branding, championing all motion graphic projects and defining the motion language across company platforms. Alisa previously freelanced on Smart Home and AI related projects with FITCH, contributed to the global design language (Fluent Design Language) during her time at Microsoft, and created graphics for Xbox.

As a seeker of truth, Alisa has always been deeply called to the mysteries of shamanic healing and spiritual growth alongside her professional career. Through her dedication to healing her own traumas, Alisa has studied two shamanic modalities and worked with indigenous Shamans in Peru on her path to wellbeing. In the last three years, she dedicated herself to refining her own approach to healing with intentional singing, and has provided sound and energy healing for private or group sessions. Alisa’s spiritual pursuits have directly affected her level of sensitivity and compassion to the emotional realms of others, allowing her to create with more empathy and intention behind her motion graphics, film work, visual and UX designs.

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