Jesse Munguia

Awarded 2018

Jesse Munguia is pursuing a BFA in digital and animation at DigiPen Institute of Technology. He is very passionate about art, video game development and entrepreneurship. He was raised in both Mexico and the United States. Growing up he became a self-taught artist, learning from his own experience and through online resources.

He has been working on art and animations for video games for the past three years, developing numerous interactive experiences and sharing his knowledge with other artists. After graduating, he would like to start his own game studio along with his twin brother in order to create games that become as impactful as the ones he played during his childhood.

Jesse comes from a very small town, that is why he has a strong desire to help communities and artists around the world. He is very grateful to the Robert B McMillen Foundation for allowing him to attend college and supporting his love for creativity.

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