Jorden Woxland

Awarded 2022

Jorden Woxland was born in Seattle, Washington and was raised in Atlanta, Georgia. After he graduated from high school, he moved back to Washington in 2020 and set his sights on attending Digipen Institute of Technology in Redmond. He is currently pursuing his BFA in digital art and animation.

Woxland has always been fascinated with the unnatural or bizarre, and his unique tastes are often reflected in his artwork. From subtle themes of horror and subversion, he attempts to create art that captivates the viewer and leaves them wondering about the context behind an image. He aims to keep creating art that people will connect with, and to help guide others on their artistic journey.

Upon graduating, Woxland hopes to find a job in the gaming industry as a character artist, or 3D modeler. With support from the McMillen foundation, and his peers he hopes to showcase his art to the world and establish a larger community with his work.

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