Ben Freedman

2008 Graduate

Awarded in 2005: I am an animator who is delighted to be working in the Games Industry in Bellevue, WA.

In 2008, after completing a DigiPen BFA in production animation, I was invited to Airtight Games cinematic team as an intern contributing on a Capcom title called Dark Void. Subsequently, I was offered a position with ArenaNet Inc., a subsidary of NCsoft Corporation, where we shipped Guild Wars 2. I was pleased to have been able to follow through on this title from near start to finish, and to support it with live content after launch. I like to finish things I’ve started. It is better still to see them thrive! My responsibilities included player character, npc and boss animations. I was also given the opportunity to act as principal artist on multiple content teams post launch. Currently I am situated at Motiga Inc. excitedly working away on our upcoming title Gigantic!

Feel free to check out my portfolio site:

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