Continuing our Focus

We believe in the power of the arts. These difficult political times have served to reaffirm our belief that artists are the key to help build bridges to understanding. An artist’s work can be transcendental, it can help reveal the truth, challenge our way of thinking, challenge us to feel, and help us connect to our common humanity. The Foundation is proud to continue its work in support of artists and arts organizations who are making positive change in the world.

New for 2019!

The Foundation will be making a change to its scholarship program. After 13 years under our belt of providing scholarship dollars to young artists, and having the bulk of our applicants come from the four primary art schools, we’ve decided to narrow our list of approved schools down to just those four. Beginning this year, we will only accept applications from students who are/will be attending: Art Institute of Seattle, Cornish College of the Arts, DigiPen Institute of Technology, and Northwest College of Art & Design.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 5pm PST on May 10, 2019.

Art Scholarships

Our vision is to eliminate the idea of the ‘starving artist’. We believe that artists and the arts are the keys to vibrant, thriving communities. We see the arts as a tool for transformation: a way to enhance the beauty of the world around us, opening the minds of people and expanding society as a whole.

Through our Art Scholarship program we are able to directly impact the lives of individuals; creating a ripple effect that helps build community and will help reshape the way people view artists and the arts.

Our annual scholarship competition is a talent based competition. Our aim is to find young artists who exhibit the most artistic potential and talent and those that have the greatest potential for making change in the world through their profession and community contributions. While need and merit will be considered, 70% of our selection process is based on artistic ability.

  • Awards up to $25,000 per year (after all other scholarships/grants)
  • Renewable
  • Visual Arts Majors
  • First year, transfer, graduates, returning, foreign and domestic students eligible


Connecting dots. We understand that the arts world is small; that we are all interconnected and share similar passions to advance the field together. We realize that convening, networking, and learning together create opportunities to brainstorm and spark ideas and create artistic fire! This this the purpose behind the McMillen Artist Community (MAC). The MAC is a cohort of artists that the Foundation has supported through its scholarship program. To date, we’ve invested over $1.2 Million dollars and have helped 31 artists directly. We look forward to the Fellows that will be joining our growing cohort.

Artwork by: Alex L. Bennett

Robert B. McMillen Foundation’s
List of Approved Colleges

  • Art Institute Seattle
  • Cornish College of the Arts
  • DigiPen Institute of Technology
  • Northwest College of Art & Design


Artwork by: Ethan Claunch

Art Scholarship & Fellowship

Through our Art Scholarship & Fellowship programs we are able to directly impact the lives of individual artists; generating a ripple effect which will strengthen the economy, build vibrant communities, improve academic performance, and create a paradigm shift in the way people view artists and the arts.

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