Isabel Warn

Awarded 2020

Isabel Warn is a Washington State native, born and raised in Seattle, Washington. She is currently pursuing a BFA in Digital Art and Animation at Digipen Institute of Technology located in Redmond, Washington. Throughout her youth, she educated herself in the arts with the help of online resources and mentors. She loves creating art and sharing that joy with others.

Isabel grew up doing ballet for 11 years and finds extreme value in a close community because of that experience. She hopes to be able to continue paying back to her community with her artistic abilities, and hopes to have an impact on people’s lives. She is immensely thankful to the Robert B. McMillen Foundation for ensuring that she attends college, as well as connecting her to a wonderful community of artists.

When she graduates, Isabel hopes to become a character artist in the game industry. She found her own passion for art through video games that she grew up playing with her siblings. She fell in love with the bright and impactful characters who connected to her in many different ways. She can’t wait to break into the gaming industry and create all kinds of different characters who connect with many different people. She wishes to be able to share these creative ventures with others, whom she hopes will leave as large an impression on others as previous characters did for her.

Her email can be found at

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