Hannah Balducci

2019 Graduate

Awarded in 2015: Hannah Balducci is a photographer, filmmaker, and writer. She originally grew up in the Portland area but migrated to Issaquah her sophomore year. She began her artistic interest at a young age, being drawn to both images and words and yearning to create her own. Imagery, in whatever medium, fascinated and inspired her.

Hannah’s volunteering at the Bellevue Arts Museum further reinforced this interest. She loved surrounding herself with visual images, and helping to form youth programs that could give art access to those who are normally denied it. In high school her interests drifted more towards photography, with the help of her freshman year photo teacher, and were later bolstered when she took AP Art senior year at Issaquah High School. She began to focus on stylized photo dreamscapes that could express visceral feelings words could not.

Hannah is currently attending Seattle University, partaking in their honors program and majoring in photography with a minor in political science. She was recently hired at Path with Art, a non-profit organization which utilizes art programs to help the lives of people overcoming homelessness, addiction, and other trauma.

She is deeply grateful to the Robert B. McMillen Foundation for allowing her to attend college with certainty, and is looking forward to refining her artistic abilities with richer resources and incredible opportunities.

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