Mark Barrett

2008 Graduate

Awarded in 2005: Hello there, my name is Mark. I am the Product Designer at, a non-profit dedicated toward the goal of increasing access and diversity to Computer Science. Basically, I believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to make their own games and apps from the ground up, including me! I love my job and I love exploring how different disciplines interconnect and constantly learning new skills. My career has been more like climbing around a spider web than up a narrow ladder. This approach, while a bit unusual and perhaps more risky, has rewarded me with a great sense of freedom and resourcefulness. I have spent over 10 years in video games working at companies like Nintendo, PopCap, and Wargaming. I worked my way from Junior Artist up to Art Director. When I am not working, I enjoy traveling, working out, doodling, rock climbing, dreaming up new games and characters, playing with my kid and my dog, and talking with kind, creative, and optimistic people.

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