Perri Howard

Awarded 2021

I am an artist, a teacher, and a life-long learner, with important roles to play in my community, as an environmental advocate, and a global citizen.

As a young person, I experienced deep connections with the natural world. I first sailed solo when I was nine years old. The force of the ocean was terrifying, yet I discovered that the wind could take me places.

At sixteen, I joined an Outward Bound course in the North Cascades. This was my first mountaineering experience, with a solo vision quest. The Pasayten wilderness and a letter of admission to The Evergreen State College pulled me westward to Washington State. This has been my home for the past thirty years.

Today, I live and work in the Methow Valley. My studio is within two miles of the endpoint of my Outward Bound experience. Living here now, as a professional artist, after much travel, it feels like I have come full-circle.

Protecting the natural environment and rural character of the Methow is deeply important to me. I serve as President of the Board of Directors for the TwispWorks Foundation and on the Advisory Board for the University of Washington School of Art. I teach field sketching and nature journaling classes for youth and adults in the community.

I strive to be of service to the people and places that nurtured me as a young person and continue to shape my soul, curiosity, and creativity today.

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