Bri Chesler

Awarded 2023

Bri Chesler is a multidisciplinary artist focusing on three-dimensional design and installation. She is known for herinnovative approach, blending various glass techniques with other media. Bri discovered her passion for glasswhile studying metal and foundry processes at the Kansas City Art Institute during her undergraduate studies. Thesensual and organic aesthetic of glass resonated with Chesler in a way that metal did not.Drawing inspiration from her upbringing in the swamps of Florida, she incorporates the chaotic elements of natureinto her art, fusing biology and botany to create forms that seduce and engage her audience. Chesler hasreceived accolades such as being a 2019 Pilchuck Emerging Artist-in-Residence, a 2020 Hauberg Fellow, and arecipient of the Saxe Emerging Artist Award in 2021. In 2022, she taught as an instructor at Pilchuck Glass Schooland was featured in a solo exhibition, titled Untamed: The Anatomy of Desire, at the Center on Contemporary Artsin Seattle. Most recently, she instructed at the Oxbow School of Arts in 2023.

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