Jessica Ghyvoronsky

Awarded 2019

I was born in South Korea, but grew up all around the world, as home was where the Army took us. In 2008, I came to Seattle to pursue a dual degree in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts and Philosophy at the University of Washington, and quickly fell in love with the region. I’ve remained in Seattle over the past 11 years and for the first time ever, consider a place my home. I’m married to a Russian immigrant, and we’re opening a coffee shop called Santo Coffee Co in Seattle along with a Colombian and German immigrants. We love culture, art, food, and the finer things that life has available to us. My art draws deep from my cultural influences and ancestral heritage as I seek to understand how many different worlds and influences and merge into one living form. My Korean roots and American military experiences have been my latest focus as I elevate some of the everyday materials that come from those two very different worlds into art forms.

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