Alison Stigora

Awarded 2023

Alison Stigora is a site-specific artist whose work explores relationships between physical spaces, materials and the body. Often using found and natural objects, her work evokes awareness of human scale within the expanse of the natural and constructed world. Emphasizing transformation of familiar materials, Stigora creates worlds simultaneously vast and intimate, inviting viewers to pause and notice themselves and their environment in new ways.

Stigora has been a Seattle resident for six years, but originally is from the East Coast and holds her MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. She enjoys working on large-scale projects with others and has collaborated with architects, composers, engineers, dancers, and lighting designers in development of her projects. Previous installations include projects at the Philadelphia International Airport, MadArt Studio, Nes Artist Residency (Iceland); permanent works can be found at Arte Sella Sculpture Park (Italy), Blackfoot Pathways Sculpture Park (Montana)and Domaine de Chaumont sur Loire (France).

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