Emily Somoskey

Awarded 2022

I am a mixed-media artist and painter currently living, teaching, and creating in Walla Walla, WA. Most of my life has been spent in the midwest, both in Ohio and Michigan. After earning my MFA in Studio Art from Michigan State University in 2020, I relocated to Walla Walla to combine my passion for making and educating as a visiting professor at Whitman College, where I currently teach painting and drawing courses to undergraduate students.

My work bridges between representation and abstraction, the physical and the digital, and the material and immaterial to reference the shifting and overlapping nature of our experiences with the sensate, psychological and physical realms in which we live. By incorporating fragments of digital imagery within and alongside the painted surface, I weave together moments of clarity and ambiguity that both articulate, disrupt, and complicate a singular understanding of the work, akin to our own perceptions and understanding of our multifaceted existence. Through my work, I acknowledge the rich history of painting, while also extending the definition of what it can be; allowing viewers to reconsider how we
come to understand, navigate and renegotiate our understanding of the world.

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