Ann Shapiro

Awarded 2019

I grew up in New York City, next door to the Museum of Natural History and across the park from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I spent the sixties at art school in San Francisco, protested the Vietnam War, participated in consciousness raising groups and embraced feminism.

As a token woman university art instructor I have lived on a desert ranch in Arizona, a miner’s cabin in the Colorado Mountains, and on a ship that sailed around the world for the semester-at-sea program.

I volunteered at an AIDS clinic in Austin, Texas where I was teaching art at the University and was introduced to Chinese medicine. Inspired to research and illustrate Chinese medical theory and history, I enrolled in acupuncture school, completed the drawings, became a certified acupuncturist and have been practicing Chinese medicine in Seattle and on Vashon Island since 1991.

I have traveled extensively from Europe to Viet Nam to Vashon Island where I have maintained an art studio in the shadow of Mount Rainier for the past twenty-eight years.

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