Robert B. McMillen Foundation
Promoting medical research, education, social enhancement and the arts.
Education and Social Enhancement
50% of our giving supports art scholarships and social enhancement.
We see the arts ...
as a way to enhance the beauty of the world around us, opening the minds of people and expanding society as a whole.
Medical Research
50% of our giving supports medical research.
We believe that artists and the arts
are the keys to vibrant, thriving communities.
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Medical Research

The focus of our medical research program is centered on research being conducted in cardiology, lipids, and organ transplant. Preference is given to programs benefitting children.


Art Scholarship & Fellowship

Our vision is to eliminate the idea of the ‘starving artist’. We believe that artists and the arts are the keys to vibrant, thriving communities.


Social Enhancement

Our work centers on organizations with an art-related mission. We see the arts as a tool for transformation; as a way to address social, educational, and economic development issues.

Celebrating 20 Years of Giving!

To date, the Foundation has contributed over $8.4 Million dollars in support of medical research and the arts.

Medical Research

$ 3397125

Higher Education

$ 1419945

Social Enhancement

$ 1658702

Art Scholarship & Fellowship

Through our Art Scholarship & Fellowship programs we are able to directly impact the lives of individual artists; generating a ripple effect which will strengthen the economy, build vibrant communities, improve academic performance, and create a paradigm shift in the way people view artists and the arts.

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