Robert B. McMillen Foundation

Promoting medical research, education,
social enhancement and the arts.

We believe that
artists and the arts

are the keys to vibrant, thriving communities.

Education and
Social Enhancement

50% of our giving supports art scholarships
and social enhancement.

Medical Research

50% of our giving supports medical research.

We see the arts as

a way to enhance the beauty
of the world around us, opening
the minds of people and expanding
society as a whole.

Medical Research

The focus of our medical research program is centered on research being conducted in cardiology, lipids, and organ transplant. Preference is given to programs benefitting children.

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Art Scholarships

Our vision is to eliminate the idea of the ‘starving artist’. We believe that artists and the arts are the keys to vibrant, thriving communities.

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Social Enhancement

Our work centers on organizations with an art-related mission. We see the arts as a tool for transformation; as a way to address social, educational, and economic development issues.

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"Our partnership with the Robert B. McMillen Foundation has opened the eyes of TIPS teens to the vital role the arts play in a healthy community. TIPS is grateful to the RB McMillen Foundation for helping our teens connect the dots between arts and service."

− Teens In Public Service

"We are grateful for the McMillen Foundation’s vision and trust – their investment in our mission over the years has meant that we have been able to refine and grow promising programs so that they are now accessible to many more educators and students than ever before."

− ArtsEd Washington

"The Robert B. McMillen Foundation has helped ensure equitable, high quality arts education for youth in Tacoma, Washington. Many of our students would otherwise not have access to this type of curriculum tied enrichment."

− Jon Ketler, Director SOTA and SAMi

Recent Grant Recipients

Scholarship Recipient – Laura

2018 Graduate – Jaden

Scholarship Recipient – Hannah

2016 Graduate – Katrina

Through our Art Scholarship program we are able to directly impact the lives
of individuals; creating a ripple effect that helps build community and
will help reshape the way people view artists and the arts.

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