Jade Tankersley

Awarded 2019

Jade Tankersley is originally from Northern California and has lived in Boulder, Colorado since late 2017.  In fall of 2019, she will attend Cornish College of the Arts as a design and illustration student.

As a growing artist in Boulder, she shared art with the community through nonprofits like ArtSticks and the Dairy Arts Center.  Additionally, she sought opportunities at Boulder High School for resources like Art Therapy Group. This platform gave her the courage to create “We Are”, a therapy group for multiracial students to come together and talk about their cultural and ethnic ambiguity.  She was grateful to create a space not only where she could belong, but that she could also share with others who were searching for their identity.

Recently, her art is inspired by her experience as a biracial person. These pieces make up her high school senior AP Concentration and are a representation of not only her identity but also her exploration of complex emotions through design.  She is excited to join the Cornish community and learn more about design and how to utilize it to give a voice to the voiceless.

Jade is incredibly grateful for the McMillen Foundation to enable not only her education but also her artistic vision to be a positive force in the lives of those around her.  The McMillen Artist Community has made it possible for Jade to freely pursue her passions and she is beyond thankful.  She would also like to thank her close friends and family for ever-present and unconditional support.

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