Gallery One Visual Arts Center

Grant Recipient

We’ve worked with Gallery One for years now and have funded several projects: from enhancing and better outfitting their ceramics studio to building professional development and networking opportunities for artists in Kittitas County and beyond. Gallery One’s latest adventure is working with area schools to help them meet their arts education needs through Gallery One’s Art for All: 4th Grade Clay Project. Schools have excitedly jumped on board!

With 50+ years under their belt, we recognize Gallery One as the ‘go-to’ organization for the arts and artists in Central Washington. Gallery One never stands still – they continually challenge themselves to ensure their programs are top-notch and that they are best meeting the needs of artists and the community at large.

More about Gallery One

Gallery One Visual Arts Center is dedicated to the creation, exhibition and appreciation of visual arts in Central Washington. We offer:

  • High-quality, innovative, and diverse visual arts exhibits
  • Educational programs for the appreciation and skills of the arts
  • Studios for a diverse group of resident artists
  • Networking opportunities with business organizations and educational institutions in support of the arts
  • A meeting place to foster community cohesion and arts appreciation

OUR VISION: We envision a community in which everyone with interest is given access to the visual arts through exhibition and education.

OUR VALUES: We believe that ART enriches our lives by…

  • Expanding our horizons
  • Connecting people and building relationships
  • Contributing to a local, creative economy
  • Supporting a vibrant downtown

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