Jaden Nethercott

Awarded 2016

Jaden Nethercott is a Design student at Cornish College of the Arts and will be graduating in 2019. Jaden is from one of the most remote, unique places imaginable — Barrow, Alaska. It is here in the northern-most city of the United States that he developed his passion for both art and design.

Jaden began to delve into design soon after he graduated from high school and in just two years, designed the University of Alaska Fairbanks College of Liberal Art’s annual magazine (Clarity) with over a 10,000+ readership, developed and implemented an annual community clean-up for his home town called “Our Land: Barrow Clean-up Initiative” (ourland.today), and started a freelance design business called JN Design.

Jaden views design as art in action; a tool used to influence others and leave a lasting mark in communities, cities, and nations. This is why he has such a strong desire to improve communities and help change the world for the better through thoughtful design. He is extremely grateful for the Robert B. McMillen foundation and the amazing opportunities that they have now made possible for him through their scholarship.


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